“Talent Family”2019 Children&Family Competition
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“Talent Family”2019 Australian International Children & Family Competition aims to promote the artistic talents of children as well as the importance of family education and community harmony among different cultural groups in Australia. It is not just a talent show. It is more about love and joy shared in musical art world and the close link between family members.

It is organised by Australian New Express Media Group which is a trustworthy multi-media platform, and professionally supported by famous Australian musical artists.


1) 3– 18 years old Children and Family (Including visitors in Australia from abroad)

2) Entries in Forms of Individual, Group and Family group are all acceptable.

Entry Process

1. Registration: Scan the QR code to register online or contact +61 2 9280 2283 or +61 450 100 314:

“Talent Family”2019 Australian Children&Family Competiti

2. Send the following information to: Marketing@xkb.com.au

Please send your Performance Video(within 3 minutes), the screenshot of the entry fee and personal details: Name of The Performance, Contestants’ Full Name and Contact Number.

3. Entry Fee

Please transfer the entry fee to Australian New Express Media Group Account

(Account Name: Australian New Express Daily; BSB: 012-266;A/C No.: 457394759)

· Individual Performance Registration Fee:$10

· Group Performance Registration Fee: 1-3 people for $30; Over 4 people for $50

· Family Performance Registration Fee: $30

Ref: Individual or group name (E.g.: Betty Xie)


1) Entry Period: 1st May -18th July 2019

2) Adjudication Time: 23rd July 2019 – 31st July 2019 (by Professional Adjudicators and WeChat voting)

3) Final Round Lists Announcement: 2nd August 2019

4) Final Competition and Winners Awarding Ceremony: 11th August 2019 (Sunday)


1) Individual Performance: 3-18 years old children in Australia (Including Visitors in Australia from abroad)

· 3 ~ 7 Age Group;8 ~ 12 Age Group;13 ~ 18 Age Group

2) Group Performance: 3-18 years old children in Australia (More than 2 children) (Non Family Group)

3) Family Performance: A least one child aged 3-18 and one family member are required for the category.

Performance Categories

1) Vocal Music: not limited to Chorus, Ensemble or Solo etc. The style can be Folk, Bel Canto or Pop Music.

2) Instrumental music: Solo, Ensemble of Western Musical Instruments or Chinese National Musical Instruments.

3) Body Performance: Individual or Group performances such as Dance, Martial Arts, and Gymnastics.

Process Of Competition

1. Heats: Contestants’ Performance Video will be adjudicated by the Professional adjudicators and WeChat Voting. The excellent elected contestants will proceed to the Final Competition.

2. Final Competition

1) Time limit: maximum 5 minutes time for each performance.

2) Performance will only be adjudicated by Professional Adjudicators.

3) All finalists need to prepare your own music accompaniment, stage property.

Prize & Award

· Individual Award: “Best Stage Charming Award”, “Best Popularity Award”, “Best Talent Family Award”

· Group Award: First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.

All winners will receive certificates of Achievement.


· Famous Violinist Bing Xia

· Famous Dulcimer Player Lei Hu

· Famous Erhu Player Dr Zhihao Feng

· Professional Tutor in Fashion Modeling World Monica Wang

· Famous Singer Jiayi Yu

· Famous Dance Artist Lily Zheng

· Famous Singer Xiaoyan He


1. The entry should be performed by participant(s).

2. The organizer has the right to use or publish the entries without paying extra fee to the participants

3. The organiser reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions of the competition. Please see https://xkb.com.au for more details.

Contact Tel: 02 9280 2283; 0450 100 314

Email: marketing@xkb.com.au

Address: Level 2, 2 help St, Chatswood, NSW Australia 2067


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